Hi, welcome to The Out & About Baby Company!

You’ve landed on our About us page.  Which means you want to know more about us.  Funny about that.

It’s a little long winded but it’s worth it. We like to give some context to what we do, and it’s important to understand how all this came to be and why we do what we do.

Overall, we think Out & About Baby is the most epic parenting site on the planet, if we do say so ourselves. And we do, I suppose. Awkward.

It all began with our search for clean baby change rooms in locations that served really good coffee and avocado on toast.  For the answer, we travelled far and wide, drank a lot of coffee, changed a lot of nappies, breastfed in strange places and talked endlessly to our mothers’ group.

The result is a global directory curated and reviewed by real, modern families who understand what it’s like to pack a baby bag and multi-task with one hand.

It’s quite a lot of fun actually.

On any given day, we are discovering, reviewing and approving the best of the best when it comes to going out with your children.

  1. LOCATE: Find your closest parent facilities and baby friendly venues while you are on the go based on your current location.
  2. PLAN: Plan trips in advance based on real user recommendations
  3. COMMUNITY: Earn points, support other new parents, receive rewards

Made by mums

It started in 2015 when baby Harvey was born.  We can tell you 101 uses for baby wipes and tell you the difference between a Baby Bjorn and an Ergo Baby. We take our kids everywhere and aren’t ashamed to do so.  And we have the highest of standards when it comes to what makes a good baby change table.

Our Philosophy: Parents are people first

Despite the feeling that you might just be a milkmaid or the hired help, we believe that you come first.  So go for a walk, get out of the house, catch up with your mum (or dad) friends and grab some lunch/coffee/wine.

Your family will be at it’s best, when you are at your best.  

Trust us, we’re you

Geeking out over kids is fun, and we’re lucky to have a community of likeminded parents who get it. We’re the online community and brand that wants to be friends with you—mostly because we’re not so much a brand as we are real people over here just trying to rethink parenthood and have a good time doing it.

So make our day… Send us an email to website@outandaboutbaby.com.au and tell us what you think!

Our tribe

The Out & About Baby Company is all about our members. Yes, we know it’s annoying to sign up, but we’re a community, and together we represent the most awesome tribe of parents and carers of children all over the world, and that makes us very special. We are raising the future and you’re in good company.

We also represent a revolution against mummy shaming and isolation. Being a parent does not mean you are never allowed a life again. We think everybody should be able to enjoy parenthood, without feeling isolated and ashamed.

The way people ‘parent’ now has changed and that’s a good thing.

We want you to feel comfortable to share, to learn, to enjoy the ride with us.

It’s free to join, but we ask you to respect the community, and respect the amazing businesses who are working really hard to create something special for you. They are legends for building family friendly places for us to all enjoy, and we all have to do our bit so others can enjoy it too.

Basically, it all comes down to keeping it real, doing the right thing by us, our partners and each other.

Now lets all sing Kum Ba Yah around the campfire.

So to respect our agreement with our community, we ask that every member takes a pledge:

I will do right by the Out & About Baby tribe, and treat other members with care and respect.

I will have fun with my kids, share my family friendly discoveries, and do my part to help inspire other parents to get out of the house and do awesome stuff too.


Now if you are still reading this, well done you!

Have you signed up to be a member yet?  If not, you should get onto that right now!  (Just click here)

Otherwise, if you are already a member, you should totally write a review.  Where was the last place you went?  Tell me about it.

And then last but not least, lets ooooh and ahhh over a cute baby wearing high heels in this illustration…..

The Out and About Baby Company