This is why we do what we do

We are a social enterprise

Wait, what? What does that even mean?

The Out & About Baby team can tell you 101 uses for baby wipes and list the specific differences between a Baby Bjorn and an Ergo Baby. We take our kids everywhere and aren’t ashamed to do so.  And we have the highest of standards when it comes to what makes a good baby change table.

BUT we can also tell you first hand how challenging it can be to adjust to the demands of being a new parent. In fact, after our Founder having experienced Postnatal Anxiety after the birth of her son is what led to building Out & About Baby as a Social Enterprise.

So yes, being a social enterprise does mean that we like going out with friends to drink coffee, but it also means that it’s part of our mission to give back.  We operate like any for profit business, investing in all the things necessary to create great products and stay competitive.  But every word we write, and every product we sell goes back to achieving our mission of supporting Australian families going through one of the toughest and most emotional periods of their life.

We host events, we sell products, we offer advertising to brand partners – all with the aim of donating 50% of our profits back to Australian postnatal depression charity partners.

We whole heartedly believe that your family is at its best, when you are at your best. And practicing a little self care every now and again is not selfish.  That’s why we also constantly create free content for our users in the form of a directory of family friendly cafes, restaurants, hotels, parks and shopping centres all around the world.

Our hope is that Out & About Baby can be one of a new breed of business that pair an amazing product and service with social good.

So if you haven’t already, go order something from our Shop here and write a review for your favourite local family friendly cafe now.

supporting new parents in Australia with postnatal depression

Did you know?

1 in 5 Australian Mums and 1 in 10 Australian Dads experience Postnatal Depression & Anxiety.

And 50% of all parents experience adjustment disorders.

Our partners

To do our part, we donate half of our profits to non-profit organisations working to improve the lives of Australian mums and dads experiencing Postnatal Depression & Anxiety.  So far, we’ve donated to The Gidget Foundation and PANDA – The incredible organisations with deep experience and skill in helping new parents through what can be the most stressful and unfamiliar periods of their lives.

supporting new parents in Australia with postnatal depression

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